How To Make 2017 Yours

Sunday, January 08, 2017

Reflecting on the year that's just passed us, and the year ahead we've been thinking of ways in which we can make 2017 ours. Instead of just focusing on new years resolutions, we wanted to put together a practical guide that you can apply to your life in 2017. Check out these tips from our Founder & Editor Malika:

Vision Boards
Last year I was introduced to the concept of vision boards, which I never knew much about beforehand. I threw together a makeshift one halfway through the year in 2016, but it wasn't as thought out like it should have been. The concept of a vision board is to pick out images or things that symbolise the things you want in life. Its a tool used to help clarify, concentrate and maintain focus on specific life goals.

This all ties into the idea of making your thoughts and aspirations become a reality. In life, we're constantly exposed to different distractions which doesn't help us on our journey to acquiring the things we want to achieve. A vision board helps us clarify and reinforce our aspirations on a daily basis. Along with images, you can also write affirmations and/or specific goals. Try and keep your board more visually led though, as images help you picture your goals as if they're real.

Writing Extracts 
Another method I've recently started is writing short extracts of scenarios which embody my goals. So for example, say you want to become your own boss... writing extracts which describe your own office and what your normal day in the future will look like really helps place your mind there and helps you feel as though its already a reality. This may sound a little crazy, but it really helps with the whole process of visualising the things you want to happen. Allow yourself to get creative with this, no matter how crazy it is... write it down. Call me a dreamer, but it helps me stay motivated.

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Speaking Things Into Existence
Now, you probably hear a lot of people say "speak your goals and dreams into existence", but trust me it only works if you believe it in your gut. Knowing, truly believing that something will be yours and affirming it everyday is a recipe for success and trust me, all your desires will begin to come your way. Of course though, you do need to work your ass off alongside speaking your goals and dreams into existence.

Last year, I was working in a job that I wasn't really enjoying... it just wasn't right for me on so many levels and was an absolute mission to commute to. I began saying that there will be a new amazing job opportunity out there for me, and lo and behold a few weeks later I got an email on LinkedIn from an employer who said they wanted to speak to me about a position. Yes, this position was better suited to me, it was closer to home and way more money. I ended up getting the job, which is a prime example of how belief and speaking things into existence works.

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So, this is pretty new to me so I can't say I'm an expert meditator. But this year, I'm really going to try and meditate for at least 10 mins a day. As I do a lot, from work to events etc - I sometimes find that my head is always racing with thoughts and thinking "where do I need to be next" or "what do I need to do next?". Taking time out before bed to just reflect, clear my thoughts, breathe and listen to some soothing music definitely helps and I'm really going to try and factor this in to my day throughout the year.

Writing down your wins and losses at the end of the day, definitely helps clear your mind before you go to sleep. I find that reflecting on the day helps you move forward into the next day with a fresh mind. Writing the failures of the day down and how they'll be overcome, helps empower you and even if they can't be changed or rectified - allows you to accept things as they are which is important for reducing stress. Journaling about personal struggles, to business struggles and even moments that made me proud is really like a form of therapy. After journaling you almost feel like a weight has been lifted.

2017 means its time to work your butts off! These tools suggested aid your journey, but they don't make your journey. Work hard, go the extra mile and always stay hungry. I hope you've found these tips useful!

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