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How To Become an Overnight Makeup Success

Friday, May 17, 2019

With the rise of Instagram and YouTube, there’s no doubt the beauty industry is crowded. From beauty influencers, to makeup artists, and even beauty brands – cutting through the noise is now tougher than ever. However, with the social media landscape it means it’s now easier than ever to create a successful makeup brand from nothing. Whilst an "overnight success" takes years of hard work, here are some key tips for becoming the success you are so destined to be.

Don’t follow trends
Now this is really hard, especially with being on Instagram. When you see the perfect smokey eye, or glitter cut crease gaining a gazillion likes on top beauty pages – it’s so easy to get sucked into the Instagram abyss so much that your makeup begins to look like everyone else’s.

Not saying a smokey eye, or a glitter cut crease isn’t bomb (because no doubt that is our go to on a night out), but if you really want to cut through the noise – what makes you different? Sometimes you just have to let your creativity flow and go with what feels right in your gut. A successful makeup artist is a pioneer.

Know your market & work accordingly
If you’re just starting out, it’s important to get clued up regarding the market you’d like to get most of your work in. For commercial work such as advertisements and billboards, producers like to see clean ‘no makeup’ makeup that looks flawless but realistic on camera, whilst fashion & beauty can be more bold & creative.

When it comes to celebrities, think glamour. Flashback and oily skin under red carpet lights is a no go. Once you've decided what area you'd like to get the most work in, market yourself accordingly.

Build a professional portfolio
If you want to build your special occasion or bridal clientele, invest in a ring light, good camera equipment and ask your friends and family to be your models. If you’re wanting to get into commercial, editorial, fashion or beauty a professional portfolio is needed.

There are loads of groups on Facebook (such as this group), where photographers, models and stylists are always looking to collaborate on test shoots. This will help you build up your portfolio (as well as gain valuable connections) without having to spend any money.

Shoot your shot

Opportunities don’t always just land in your lap, especially when you’re just starting out. Shoot out emails to potential business owners, production studios, photographers and more. Basically anyone you’d love to work with. If you’re wanting to secure celebrity clientele, don’t be scared to send them a DM.

Kylie Jenner’s makeup artist, Ariel Tejada started his career by DM’ing high profile influencers. Lilly Lashes founder and influencer, Lilly Ghalichi acted on his message and decided to work with him. She loved his makeup so much, that she ended up cancelling her usual MUA, working with him for the rest of the week. This managed to catch the attention of Kylie Jenner, and now with over 1 million followers - the rest is history.

Sometimes it’s also worth trying to source celebrity assistants or managers contact details too. The Celebrity Handbook is a great tool for this, as you’re able to access many celebrity contacts. You can gain a week long access to the database for as little as £5, so get signing up! 

If you feel as though the person you’re doing makeup for has a lot of influence, it also may be worth offering a complimentary session. This could lead to ongoing work with them, and also the exposure could lead to other potential clients. It really is about learning as much as you can from the professionals.

Attend events & masterclasses Attend industry events, listen to podcasts, and book that masterclass. Look for mentors, assist the leading MUA’s, learn as much as you can and try your hardest to be at the right place at the right time. Find out more about our masterclass events here.

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