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How To Maintain Your Beauty Business During Covid-19

Monday, March 30, 2020

With the growing rise of Covid-19, there is no doubt we’re all worried. Whether you work full time and take beauty service bookings on the side, or are completely self-employed - maintaining good business etiquette during this time is more crucial than ever.

Those of you that are completely self-employed may be worried about the future of your business during these uncertain times. But fear not, we’re all in the same boat.

We wanted to give you some tips on how you can keep and maintain your client relationships during this time and come back from this better than ever. 

Be flexible - But encourage postponement over cancelling
With the whole world on lockdown, naturally people are halting their own plans. Therefore it's inevitable that people will want to cancel their bookings and ask for a refund of deposits etc. As a business owner, who is running their business to a high standard - you should always try and honour this.

We’ve seen instances of beauty treatment business owners say that they won’t be offering any refunds of deposits regardless of the situation which is really bad client management. This will 100% leave a bad taste in your clients’ mouth, and after this passes they will avoid doing business with you again. 

You may be concerned about how you will continue to pay your bills, so try and encourage your clients to postpone their session for a later date. You can also offer gift cards that will stay valid for a number of months as a way to encourage future bookings.

A lot of weddings and other big events have been postponed due to the virus, so let your clients know that you can still offer your services, and anything they have paid so far will be transferred to the new date. 

Issue a public statement
From a PR perspective, public statements are important. Make sure your statements are informed and look professional. Whether you're sending them via email, or on social media... when writing your statement, keep your clients at the forefront of your mind and be kind and flexible. Show you care.

Offer refunds where clients have requested, and more than anything be understanding. You should be showing that you value safety over profits, both in regards to your staff (if you run a small business with more than 1 employee) and your clients. 

Get creative & stay connected online 
Although it may be hard, keep posting content. Stay connected with your clients and audience so that when this all passes, you’re still at the forefront of their minds. Be genuine, and continue to post your work.

This is the time to get creative with your content. Post Q&As on your stories (so your clients can learn more about you and your brand), host live sessions talking to your audience about your area of specialism.

Whilst the outside world has come to halt, the online world is thriving. Don’t stop posting and continue to stay engaged. Now is the time to do the behind the scenes work that will help grow your business. 

Photo: OPI
Hone your craft
With a lot more time on your hands, now is the time to hone and perfect your craft. Read books, draw inspiration, create new looks. Whilst on lockdown this means you will have to use your own face as the canvas! Sign up to online courses and techniques you've always wanted to test out.

Anything that helps improve your craft, do it. Work may have stopped for now, but it doesn’t mean your creativity has to also come to a halt. 

Offer resources & tips
A lot of your clients will be stuck at home with not much to do, or are even wondering how they can maintain their beauty rituals at home. Now is the time to offer resources & tips on how they can remove their nails at home, maintain their lashes, and even makeup & beauty demo tips and tricks.

Whether you decide to charge a fee, or offer it for free your clients will appreciate your efforts, which will help your business in the long run. Get creative!

Build your business 
As creatives, it's sometimes hard to find the time to work on the business side of your art. Now is the time to reassess your goals and think about how you will get there.

Do you have dream clients you want to work with? Are there any new services you want to offer? Do you want to re-market your brand? During this period of downtime is the ideal time to get back on top of your business and think about your overall targets. 

When this pandemic is over, your beauty business come back bigger and better than ever if you use your time wisely. Stay safe and keep positive. 

The Beauty Run x

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