This Age-Old Tribal Secret Will Grow Your Hair FAST

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

I’m always searching the internet to find out more beauty hacks, and natural products that can help you skin, hair and nails. Like a lot of us women, I'm always on the hunt for the next  best thing to add to our beauty regimes. On my usual hunt, I stumbled across a video which looked into the world of beauty in Chad by YouTuber Miss Sahel. An African ethnic group known as the Basara Arabs, known for their very long naturally bum length coarse hair, use a secret homemade powdered mixture made from a plant known as chebe (Croton Zambesicus), cloves, fragranced oil and other natural ingredients.

All of the dry components of the mixture are ground down, until it forms into a powder. The ladies in the tribe then choose their favourite oil or hair butter to add to her mixture. Traditionally, women used beef fat, but this has stopped due to its strong smell.

Before applying the mixture, the hair is wettened, the powder is then applied and the oil of choice in alternation. This is done for every section, until the hair is completely saturated. The hair is then re-plaited, and dampened with water again. This ritual is repeated every five days.

Basara Arabs - The Beauty Run
So does this stuff actually work? Well, the chebe isn’t EVER applied to their fringe, and it just so happens to also remain short. This reveals just how magical this Chebe blend is.

Sahel Cosmetics
I’m sure you’re thinking: “this is all well and good. But how can I buy it?" Well, Sahel Cosmetics actually stock this same powder worldwide. With vendors both in the US and the UK, we can get access to this natural growth miracle. You can check out their retail partners here: https://sahelcosmetics.com/ or shop the product directly on Sahel Cosmetics.

Will you be trying Chebe powder?

Words By: Malika I

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