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3 Beauty Videos You Can Learn From This Week

Thursday, July 25, 2019

... MUA Arabia Felix - @arabia.felix...
YouTube is always overwhelming, from tutorials, to vlogs, and even GRWM’s staying on top of what is worth watching, and what isn’t really is a trial and error. More often than not, our eyes are fixated on our subscriptions page, not really exploring anything new until suggestions come up on our home page. So, we decided to list 3 beauty videos that are worth watching this week that you just may learn a thing or two from.

1). Jackie Aina - Why your Concealer Routine SUCKS
Everyone always strives to get their concealer completely flawless, and as we all know  application is key, as well as how you set it. Usually steering well away from layering too much product under the eye to avoid creasing, Jackie Aina layers on a number of concealers which manages to fight against the wear and tear of the day. This video is for the person who likes their makeup to stay put from their 9am meetings to dinner at 8pm with the girls.

Jackie also lets her concealer dry down before blending, allowing the product to melt into the skin. Seeing how flawless her makeup always looks, is enough to make us switch up our whole routine. 

2). Arabia Felix - How I Do Makeup On My Clients
Arabia Felix, known for his amazing drag transformations has recently started a YouTube series showing us how he does his makeup on clients. This artist has ‘glowy’ makeup down to a tee, and his artistry is insane. From this tutorial, it’s clear Felix places great emphasis on skin, from his extensive skin prep. The MUA uses a range of different Charlotte Tilbury skin products including: Magic Eye Rescue, Magic Cream (to hydrate & prime the skin) and also Wonderglow (a primer that promotes a healthy glow from underneath foundation). 

From using rose water and a spooly brush to create spiky wild brows, to creating his own facelift technique - this video is definitely worth a watch. 

3). Refinery29 - The Dark Secret Behind Your Makeup Products
Have you heard about Mica? Known as ‘nature’s glitter’, its is a naturally occurring dust that has reflective properties. Often used in makeup products that sparkle, our growing obsession with shimmer and highlight is leading to growing exploitation and child mining. With the Mica industry being worth over half a billion dollars globally, brands need to do more to make sure that Mica used in their products comes from workers who are treated adequately and are being paid what they deserve. Due to ethical concerns, brands like Lush have complete pulled out of using any Mica in any of their products. This video from Refinery29’s ‘Shady’ series is definitely worth a watch if you’re conscious about what you’re using, and how products used in your favourite makeup brands are sourced.

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