REVIEW: DMK Enzyme Facial By Skin Aspirations

Sunday, July 30, 2017

When it comes to exploring the depths of a beauty regime, skincare is undoubtedly my first love. As a firm believer in good skincare practice being the answer to flawless skin, facials have not only become a necessity in my routine, but also something I've become slightly obsessed with over the last few years.

Last week I was invited to trial the DMK Enzyme Therapy Facial with Skin Aspirations, and let's just say it’s a treatment I won’t be forgetting anytime soon.

As a keen facial experimentalist I’d previously heard about the benefits associated with Enzyme Therapy Facials, but had never experienced this treatment until last week. Highly recommended for all skin types, Enzyme Therapy Facials work well to thoroughly exfoliate the skin without being too abrasive on sensitive areas. The treatment has also been designed to restore skin back to its best condition, whilst improving concerns such as acne, sun damage, rosacea, premature ageing and pigmentation.

Prior to the facial, my treatment began with a 20 minute consultation with Skin Aspirations Co-Founder Simona Mazenyte. This involved a discussion on my skin type, products I currently use, what I wanted to achieve from the treatment, along with my health and lifestyle habits, before a closer inspection of my skin under a light. Expressing my fascination and love for the benefits achieved through regular facials, Simona warned me that whilst DMK Enzyme Therapy Facials aren't exactly classed as a relaxing type of facial, and may leave my skin a little red afterwards due to the enzyme’s strengthening fragile capillaries in my skin. It would be a treatment I’d see a noticeable difference with afterwards.

Bracing myself for a facial with a difference, Simona showed me the products she would be administering to my skin beforehand which included a range of DMK branded products. Simona then began with the Acu Klenz which is a Tea Tree and Aloe Extract based wash, to deeply cleanse the skin and remove impurities, followed by Desquamate to gently exfoliate my skin and loosen dead skin cells.

Next Simona massaged in a dose of DMK’s Sebum Soak into my skin, infusing the ingredients in my skin with a layer of cling film and a sumptuous hot towel, to soften my pores and prepare my skin for an extraction. Grimacing at the thought of a painful extraction based on previous facial experiences, I confided in Simona that whilst I was pleased an extraction was included in the treatment, I noticed a lot more of soothing facials today don’t include an extraction,  and of course with the main reason being - I was worried it would hurt!

Simona reassured me that the Sebum Soak she had applied and hot towel would help, and confessed that with extractions she prefers to use her hands instead of a tool to remove blackheads, so that she can feel how much pressure is on the skin. To my surprise the extraction hardly hurt at all, I could almost stretch as far to say it was relaxing. Once Simona had finished removing all the blackheads from my skin, she showed me the results which were incredible to say the least. My nose was no longer severely dominated with stubborn blackheads and my cheeks looked positively clearer. I was so impressed with Simona's technique and hailed it as the best extraction I'd experienced, something I thought I'd never get to say.  

The treatment then continued with Epitoxyl, a detoxifying tonic to deeply cleanse my pores and evaporate toxins. It was followed by Pore Reduction Drops to minimise pore appearance and inflammation redness, along with Melanotech Drops to assist with treating dark spots, pigmentation and an uneven skin tone. To boost my skin texture Simona then applied a few drops of the Fibromax Vitamin C Powder which has been designed to increase skin brightness and luminosity. Encapsulated in Silica particles to preserve the freshness of the product, the Fibromax Vitamin C Powder is formulated in liquid droplets to activate upon immediate contact with the skin.

Once the Fibromax Vitamin C Powder had been applied and left to settle for a couple of minutes to optimise maximum benefits, Simona began mixing together the Enzyme Masque #1. This was applied from my forehead, down to my neck and collarbone with a brush for a smooth application. My first impressions of the Enzyme Masque were great, it didn’t feel too heavy on my skin and had a slightly warm feel to it. As Simona finished applying the masque she warned me that I may start to feel an itchy, throbbing sensation on my skin as it tightens. This is to stimulate the blood circulation in my skin and improve my skins capacity functions which were completely normal and nothing to worry about. This Enzyme Mask was left on for 45 minutes.  

Within 30 minutes the masque had become exceptionally tight on my skin to the point where I’d gone from having a conversation with Simona about summer holidays to not being able to speak at all. On completion of the 45 minute treatment, the Enzyme Masque was removed with several washes and three towels. Without touching my skin I could already sense a smoother, more refined texture and was desperate to see my new complexion in the mirror.

Simona completed the post facial treatment by applying DMK’s Pore reduction drops and Melanotech drops again, along with the Beta gel, Direct Delivery Vitamin C serum, Eye tone serum and Herb and Mineral Mist. Finally, Acu Creme was applied  to soothe my skin, control oil production, increase collagen production and protect my skin with an anti ageing barrier.

Looking at the results of my skin in the mirror afterwards, whilst most facials usually take a couple of days to display results, I was so taken aback with how refreshed my skin felt, and how much clearer previously congested areas of my skin now looked. Simona’s expertise, time dedication and patience went beyond the lengths of a regular facial which really made a huge impact on my experience and certainly raised the bar for future facials.

One week later my skin is still congestion free and has a brighter, rejuvenated appearance, a fine line I’d also previously noticed on my forehead has also become less visible, coincidence – I think not!
In terms of the condition of my skin, it’s become a little oilier than usual which is expected after a exfoliation and dead skin removal, however it’s nothing a good moisturizer or primer can’t control. Overall I’m exceptionally impressed with the Enzyme Therapy Facial and would highly recommend The Enzyme Therapy facial and Skin Aspirations to all.

This facial was by Skin Aspirations based in Chelsea, London
RRP £150

Review By: Stephanie Orr

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