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Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Running 30 mins late in true Balmain fashion, classical music led by the sound of violin played as attendees filled the space. The lights went down and heavy rock music began to play, vividly contrasting the previously soft and comforting sound. 

Gigi Hadid opened the show, rocking a distressed black and orange tie-dye shirt which was paired with an embellished suede skirt finished with tassels in varying shades of brown. These colours felt very representative of the Earth, one of the four elements. With a metallic lip present on most of the models, together with three sleek braids  it was evident that the overarching theme of the collection was 90's grunge meets tribal. Rousteing revealed backstage: "It’s all about a return to the forces of nature. I wanted to create strong Amazons. Women’s power today is extremely important, and I think I reflect that with this collection. It’s very feminist

As the collection progressed, the looks were characterised by detailed patchworks, jacquard, embellishmentleather appliqué, metallic studs, tassels and fringe  highlighting Rousteing's skill in craftsmanship. Starting off with browns and gold, as the show progressed we saw deep Earthy red tones emerge, all the way to silver and even a number of looks in stark black. Rousteing went all out with the prints this season, clashing a number of different textures which felt a little different than any of his previous collections. 

Most of the outfits were worn with long suede boots which progressed way above the usual thigh-high. Although aspects of the collection felt very similar to the colonial feel of his SS17 collection, Olivier added an extra layer with the incorporation of 90's grunge. The t-shirt's of the wolf and the moon, together with the fire effect tie-dye prints that emerged throughout the show reinforced this grunge feel.

Olivier Rousteing successfully incorporated Balmain's utilitarian meets luxe aesthetic once again. Although the looks were busier than usual, Rousteing did extremely well.  

Words By: Malika Isles

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