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How To Plan Your Fashion Week Outfits

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Waking up to the whistles of September only means one thing and one thing only, Fashion Week! You can almost smell the aroma of freshly steamed clothes and heated rollers from the dressing rooms backstage. September is the reawakening of the fashion world; there is nothing better than preplanning your fashion week looks ready to slay your way through fashion’s most glorious occasion, and in today’s read I’ll be showing you how to do so.
Fashion Week is all about new trends and standing out - but don’t focus too much on that aspect, remember to keep your authenticity. What is your signature look? What statement accessory finishes off your fit? Whether you're going to industry on schedule Fashion Week shows, or attending London Fashion Week Festival events which are open to the public here are my simple steps to planning a weeks worth of chic looks:
Source: ELLE
Step 1: Keep yourself up to date with the weather forecast so you have a clear idea of what will work with the weather. There's nothing worse than planning an outfit for a sunny day to be met with heavy rain. As you'll be running around from show to show, you have to make sure you're comfortable. Whether that's draping a double breasted overcoat over your outfit, or opting for a heeled boot as opposed to peep toe mules make sure you're dressed to take on the weather.
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Step 2: If you're really stuck, keep your clothing combinations simple, practical and your colour palette limited avoiding loud colours. Yes, Fashion Week is the time to go all out - but when planning looks for 5 days, this can get extremely overwhelming. Keep your clothes palette limited to avoid too much mental confusion.
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Step 3: Statement accessories! With a simple colour palette and clothing combos, you can experiment with your accessories and shoes. My best advice would be going for an all-black or all white look and finishing off with bright coloured and/or printed accessories and shoes.
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Step 4: Always have 2 pairs of footwear so you can change into your flat pumps after a show and a cute pair of heels in case you’re invited to an afterparty. If you're really thinking more practical, why not wear a pair of sneakers? Once frowned upon to wear to fashion shows - more and more fashion editors, influencers, bloggers and buyers are styling and opting for the sneaker. You can go for Balenciaga or Chanel sneakers, or simply even Vans or Stan Smiths.
Source: Pinterest
Step 5: Always remember to have a cute tote bag for your change of shoes, iPad, notebook and pen.
Words By: Henrietta Darko

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