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These Are The Affordable Luxury Clutches You Need This Spring...

Monday, April 02, 2018

Now, as a lover of quality bags and shoes  the cost of one beautiful bag can set you back at least £1,000. With life to live, holidays to go on, and bills to pay  this isn't always possible. Quite considerably "cheap" coming from two top luxury fashion houses, I've selected two staple pieces that your wardrobe will thank you for. To those who enjoy quality, but don't want to spend the cost of an all round trip to Bali on one single item  here are the luxury clutches that will level up your wardrobe this Spring:

Louis Vuitton 
Toiletry Pouch 26 - £280.00

A toiletry pouch you say? This could be a clutch bag!... Exactly. A lot of influencers have been recently spotted rocking this as a fully fledged clutch bag, and I can see why as it's truly a staple accessory. The fact that Louis Vuitton set out to make this a toiletry bag, means that there aren't actually any compartments inside  but when all you need is your iPhone, lipgloss, powder, credit cards and your keys on a night out who actually cares? 

At a price point of £280, this is a wardrobe staple that you'll still be able to rock 5 years from now. This item is currently sold out online, due to the growing demand for luxury leather goods, however you can get your hands on one if you call a store near you and sign up to a waiting list. Louis Vuitton also recently announced that they'll be building two more factories in France in order to meet the growing demand. 

GG Blooms Large Cosmetic Case - £325.00

Just like Louis Vuitton, Gucci released a cosmetic bag in their famous floral print which was first seen in their Fall/Winter 2015 fashion show. Although slightly pricier, this cosmetic case has an interior pocket allowing you to separate your cards from the rest of the bag. This print looks great with summer brights, jeans and a nice top, a maxi dress or even an elegant white dress. Made from canvas, with antique rose leather detailing,  this number is perfect for spring/summer.

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Words By: Malika Isles

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